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Like Angels Weeping (The Dark)

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These walls are closing in, they´r boung to suffoeate me
Compled to live my life in ways I could never imagine
Can you save the dying eyes? Sentenced to never be free
I stand convieted of all your fucking lies

I can´t wait to see... all the things, that should never see the light
The damage is irreversable... outrageous...
Like Angels Weeping The Dark

You´ll never know what you did to me
Until I take my last breath... I´ll take you to hell with me!

You want your chaos?.. I´ll give your war
Locked inside myself. I´ll always blame it on you

I can´t wait to see... all the things... that should never the light
The Danage, is irriversible... outrangeous..
Like Angels Weeping The Dark
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