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Here we go again, here we go, yo
Ah, ah, that really hurts, ah
Seriously stop, that hurts. ah

Jocks love high school, but for me its a prison
Do you always gotta hassle me right while I'm whizzin'?
I know your burly, I know I'm girly,
But could we go a day without me getting swirly?
I'm not gonna whine or pull a Columbine
But the gloves are coming off when I see you Online
Yeah, sure, in real life you can knock me on my face
But the shit is going down in cyberspace!

You better watch out in cyberspace!
Gonna disappear, never leave a trace
Gonna eff your ass up in cyberspace!
I make my own rules in my virtual space 

I'm a word processor, you're a carbon copy
I got a hard drive, and your diskette is floppy.
Wow, check out those vectors, I'd like to inspect her...
Yeah, fat chance, Mr. Pocket Protector!
I know all the short cuts and all the hot keys
you're Commodore 64, I'm Power PC
So head on home so you can beat your meat-
Wait! Reboot! Control-Alt-Delete!
This neuromance makes my motherboard hot
I'll slam some new RAM in her Expansion Slot
Digital refinery, her digits are Binary
She said lets make out I said God... finally!
Stand back son, don't stress the professor
from the looks of this girl, I need a Surge Suppressor
This dominatrix'll array my pixels
Finally someone's gonna touch my dicksel
while you're begging girls to come on back to your place,
I'll be having virtual intercourse in cyberspace.

Cock-blocking your pal in cyberspace!
Gonna kick your ass, albeit virtually.
It's every man for himself in cyberspace.
I'm stuck in this suit, and I have to pee

In cyberspace, she called me her hero
but back in real life she's only ones and zeroes.
My computer is busted, now I'm stuck in this place,
and I wanna go back to cyberspace.
He wants to go back to cyberspace.
Maybe they should try talking to real girls
instead of inventing these virtual worlds


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