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Love You 2 Death

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[Verse 1:]
I'm watching you every move
Right through the window, whereever you are (aha)
You look through your rear view
Like you see me looking, when you're in your car
And you can feel this homeless watching
Can you feel my love?
And I don't call it stalking
Girl, you're all I'm thinking of!
Feeling strong to me
With it you're not on to me
Is it wrong of me?
But if I had the chance, I'd be sure to tell you
I love you


[Verse 2:]
I hope this don't get ugly
When we finally meet
I hope you love me
Don't act like you're above me
Think you know that I'm watching
You bend over more
That was me, right behind ya
At the grocery store
I walked up, you walked in
Wish I could send you there
So I can tuck you in
But I ain't got that lucky
So I'll just be
Outside of your house if you want me
Screaming I LOVE YOU!


[Verse 3:]
The funny thing about it, think about it
Me and you could be together, think about it
I sit inside my car and I dream about it
I know I can't do a thing about it

Yo, you're so precious, maybe that's why I love you to death
I smell your scent when I'm taking a breath
I watch your every step and make sure you get home at night
Just make sure that door is looked up tight
Cause I might be tempted to creep it
Finally get the sleep in
Just think of how much time we can spend
In my head, it's been a lifetime
You'll never find a love like mine
Know where you can hide it, I can't find it
I'm coming to meet you tonight
Yeah, I can't take it no more
It don't matter if you lock your front door
Here I come baby

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