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Empty Horizon

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I miss you like I'm losing my own life
I'm drifting to somewhere I can't find
Resistance and the power to let go
Of something I can't control

I try to reach you
I am alive but I can't breathe
Oh so empty our horizon
Of all the dreams that can't come true

In my thriving glowing fantasies
I hide the taste of sin
I can't forget the sweetness of your skin
Forgive me for being

I am alive - You are here
But I can't breathe - You cannot feel
Don't want to feel anymore - Don't want to be here anymore
I am deprived - Falling apart
Where are we going to
Into an empty horizon

Drop the mask and let my feelings in
Reveal your eyes that tell a million things
I'm here
We are here close to each other
Close to each other

I need to reach you
I'm here but I can't win
I need to feel you
I've been here all the time

Will you let me in
Into your empty horizon
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