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Versified Harmonies

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We are here
Cafe tunes
Talking friend's news
Watch the world passing by
Coffee fills the air
Cinnamon-taste pleasure
Have a share

I tried so hard to say it right
But everytime I meet your eyes
I just can't get the lines together

But now my love is versified
The secret I have kept inside
I'll say it right, I'll get it right

When you blush
You watch your hands
Avoid the pause of being seen
Avoid the pauses in between

Versified harmonies

Everytime you blush
I do pretend
I didn't notice, I didn't mind
So I breathe a sigh into to air

I need to tell you something
Versified harmonies
I want to tell you something
Versified harmonies
I need to tell you something

You and me
Cafe blues
Talking half-truths
Save the world over a cup of tea
Most certainly
I'd rather swim
In a spoon of honey
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