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Today is a sunny and fine day but you are with your head lowered
What happened to you?
Although there are happy times, sad times, and so much more,
Let's forget all the things today

Oh "Ocean""Sky""Earth""Air""People" This is what this world look like, right?
It will be okay, since the morning will comes if we sleep for a little bit at the night, no matter how long it is

You and him had an argument, and you both just turned away although you love each other
If you want to repair this relationship, please do not be lost
Nee If you do not let him know your heart now
It sounds that the day which you cannot meet him even you want to will come, before he understands you

Oh The another side of the universe, the future that still unseen,
They are becoming scary though they was enjoyable before
But it will be okay, because I will be beside you, who is lowering your head,
Until you feel better
The blue color of the sky that we always see as the color of tears
Just does not look that bad if I am with you, right?

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