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Sick Of You

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I was up in the morning with the TV blarin'
Brush my teeth sittin' watchin' the news
All the beaches were closed the ocean was a Red Sea
But there was no one there to part in two
There was no fresh salad because there's hypos in the cabbage
Staten Island disappeared at noon
And they say the midwest is in great distress
And NASA blew up the moon
The ozone layer has no ozone anymore
And you're gonna leave me for the guy next door
I'm sick of you
I'm sick of you
They arrested the mayor for an illegal favor
Sold the Empire State to Japan
And Oliver North married William Secord
And gave birth to a little Teheran
And the Ayatollah bought a nuclear warship
If he dies he wants to go out in style
And there's nothing to eat that don't carry the stink
Of some human waste dumped in the Nile
We one thing is certainly true
No one here knows what to do
And I'm sick of you
I'm sick of you
The radio said there were 400 dead
In some small town in Arkansas
Some whacked out trucker drove into a nuclear reactor
And killed everybody he saw
Now he's on Morton Downey and he's glowing and shining
Doctors say this is a medical advance
They say the bad makes the good and there's something to be learned
In every human experience
Well I know one thing that really is true
This here's a zoo and the keeper ain't you
And I'm sick of it
I'm Sick of you
They ordained the Trumps and then he got the mumps
And died being treated at Mt. Sinal
And my best friend Bill died from a poison pill
Some wired doctor prescribed for stress
My arms and legs are shrunk the food all has lumps
They discovered some animal no one's ever seen
It was an inside trader eating a rubber tire
After running over Rudy Giuliani
They say the president's dead but no one can find his head
It's been missing now for weeks
But no one noticed it he had seemed so fit
And I'm sick of it
I'm sick of you
I'm so sick of you, bye, bye, bye
Bye, bye, bye
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