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Underneath the crushing weight of the world
* Someone searching for a purpose
Play the part that you've been dealt by the herd
Mouth and nose beneath the surface

For all the times you held your tongue and rehearsed
(Things you would say)
If ever brave enough to stand in their way
All with lies we make our beds and sleep (tucked away)
Out of sight and out of mind we remain

And you start to paint a picture of the world just out of view
Bring it with you as you dream and maybe you can wake up too

Do you believe in the world they made for you
Do you belong or do you try to
Erase yourself just to pass as one of them,
A different day today, and that was then

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Walk the streets with newfound eyes and see
Things from a whole new perspective
Maybe not what you believed you'd be
But something so much more addictive

Put on your new face and run run run
(through the night)
And take on those who rape and kill and steal
And though the war path hardly knows your name
(all the same)
The taste of blood between your teeth feels real

You find it easier to play along
but you are wrong
And that is why you need those emo songs
Why don't you get that you have killed yourself
And you're in hell
And it is your own fault for once as well
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