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Sleep, take me now and never let me wake
Still in your hands, in your kingdom I'll be yours to break

Sleep, I am tired. I have blundered on to a path where I don't belong
Still in your land, I'll be safe from where I could go wrong

Promise me a silver dream
Let your silence flow over me
Give me serenity and take away my will
Let your silence flow over me

Ghosts hold no pain
I surrendered years ago
Life has no claim on me
Let me slip quietly beneath
the pulsing noise of everyday
Life has no claim on me

Sleep, if I beg you, will you bleed all memory from my veins
Cold in your arms, I'll have given all my hurt away
I am not afraid
I have waited on your doorstep too long
Take back my name
Close my eyes and turn my face away
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