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You, Departed

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We had been together for a long time
And I didn't see it coming
Like a bright blast from the sky
You were taken away

You were so innocent
Pure good in a hundred percent
So adorable, open-minded
And now you are laying dead

All I can recall from that night
Beside the sparkles in your eyes
Is a sound of the firing gun
That's how the nightmare began
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You collapsed into my arms
Shaking, thrilling, closing your eyes
I kept you till you were cold
I saw you leaving this world

I miss you – you'd been all to me
I miss you – your touch and way of speak
I miss you – your eyes, hair and skin
Why and who – took you from me?

Innocent one has fallen down
But mark my words you little pawn
What goes around comes around
You are the target in my hunt
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