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Metallic Tragedy

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The Angel: Ooh, I'm coming from heaven
To wake up the king and his knights
Disaster is coming, be careful, evil is rising
The Demon: After ten thousand centuries
In the shadows of the valley of Abaddon
The seventh gate of hell is open
My damned children will conquer this world
And I'll be free

The Witch: Darkness's coming!
The Knight: I will defend
The Witch: My spell will kill
The Knight: Arrows will fly
The Demon: You're gonna cry
The Angel: Your time has come
The Demon: You're already dead
The Knight: You were a friend
The Witch: I was lying
The Knight: Deep in the heart of death, black abyss
Will never taste my blood and I will be glorious
I'll send you back into your infernal cage
The Witch: I am Tazira the witch
And I will give you temptation
The King: I am the King Dragonson
I promise you death in this satanic war

All characters: The Witch, the Angel, the King,
the Knight and the Demon

The Knight: You will pay for this betrayal
The Demon: Ridiculous soldier, chaos will rule
The Witch: Your God will fall!
The Angel: There's only one lord
The King and the Knight: Our faith is bigger
We're not afraid, deep in the heart of war
Inferno will never have my soul and we'll be victorious
We'll send them back into their infernal flames
The Demon: I am the fallen angel
The Demon and the Witch:
Our reign of terror will come
The Knight: My KIng is serving the lord
The Knight and the Angel:
And our sword will give you the law

All characters: The Witch, the Angel, the King,
the Knight and the Demon

We're lost in temptation, we want the glory
We'll see the fire, raise this cup of eternity
We are all damned souls, we've lost our liberty
We'll see the liars into this cup of victory

The Knight: Witch, you've open the gate, you will
burn to clear your sins and your crimes, ooh
The Witch: Oooh I'm burning in the flames of
Christ, my work is done but like the phoenix I will rise again...
Oooh, light of truth's too strong, forgive my sins
The King: My son, Army of the Six Golden Towers
is ready, guide these warriors to victory
The Demon: King, you will die in your holy
kingdom and you will understand my eternal pain
The Knight: The war is beginning, the beast wants our soul
The Angel: Holy power will give you
the strength to resist his lies
The Witch: I am back from death and the
beast is my father, your golden defenders
will kiss my flesh and drink my blood
The King: Knights of the Magic Kingdom,
Be proud and fight, the light must be back
The Knight and the Angel and the King:
Now we are victorious, we've sent them back
To their infernal flames, now, we see the light again,
Legion of death disappeared
The Demon and the Witch: You'll see the baptism of
fire when the black dragon will rise from hell

All characters: The Witch, the Angel, the King
the Knight and the Demon

The Demon and the Witch:
This story will never end
cause we are in you and we will be back
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