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The Time of Spells

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There was a time where only spells/
goin' through my enchanted life/
you touch and come where I saw and see/
Deepen inside my wishes' well/
I look for you/babe all around/
tell me if you're ready/
to be all...mine

You'll change your mind if you drink this!/
you'll see the light if you trust me/
take my hands and hold me/
live my life and come after me/
Finally found my wishes' well/
now howlin' cries are dancin' around/
you can still join them wait and see/
Life after deep death is fallin' down/
searchin' for somethin' you can change/
your mind/
but you remember...I'll be here!

break my heart and I'll squeeze you/
tear my mind and I'll blast you,/
be all mine and I'll bless you/
call my name and I'll save you/
Now your desires dance through the spells/
but if you cry they will come back/
you can be blessed/
if that is what you want.../
my dear!

you're goin' into your grave.../
remember your choice!/
If you want to save your life,/
now you call my name!
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