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Kaziklu Bay - The Lord Impaler

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Kaziklu Bey - Devils son
Chosen one

After the fourth crusade all christian piety is gone
And the greates commander against the muslim turks you have now become

Kaziklu Bey - Stormbringer of fright
Now show the world your might
Impale your every foe with delight
And let the frail deccend into eternal night
Gather your armies for the decisive fight
Your elite state is now in sight

Stormwing infury with ten thousand men
To teach the muslims a lession again
In the part of Giurgiu their ambush will fail
To Wallachia in chains the turks now grow pale
With poles through their hodies they all now will die
And the sultan Mohammed in anguish will cry

At the forthcoming winter the war since long planned
To spread the religion which the turks banned
Went on all the way to the Black sea
Where overwhelming armies forced Dracul to flee
Kaziklu Bey Lord of bloodshed
The infidely you dismembered

Rise and conquer with your army you people from the turkish yake liberated
After the battle at Giurgiu the deathfigure was 23809 turkish ears, noses and heads

By poison the wells and burning the land
Dracul only left ashes to the men from the sand
While the peasants joined Dracul the turks heard the cry
Of wolves and only saw vultures in the sky

At the "terror night" Dracul striked the starved turks
And killed thousand and thousand to complite their works
Next morning the turks found Turgoviste in flames
And a forest of Impaled men with turkish names

Then he sultan gave up his conquering plan
"What can we do against such a man?
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