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Flesh And Bone

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I know we got tangled
Ripped when I walked away
Every circle angled
Left us without a shape
Statues, fallen angels
Hollow about to break
Praying for forgiveness
And paying for my mistakes

I wish my heart was made of stone
It's a myth I'm only
Flesh and bone
Flesh and bone
So beautiful
Ooh you shattered me

Can't cross this river on my own
I'm lost without your
Flesh and bone
Flesh and bone
So beautiful
ooh you shattered me

Broken in one moment
A kiss full of misery
All the pieces frozen
Not where they used to be
now my scars are showin
Their cut and their runnin deep
Praying for forgiveness
And losing my sanity

In a million pieces I'm exactly where I said I'd never be
Stranded here alone you finally brought me to my knees
I'm a fallen angel rescue me and save me from myself
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