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Lone Ranger

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Somewhere in the great beyond,
A ranger rides upon his
One and only friend
Fells like it's riding him
He figures while he's here
Though they retain a fear
He'll do the best he can
To be a better man
He smokes a signal out,
He polishes his gun,
Cruises the galaxy
Away from everyone
He prays to god to save his dear
Beloved ones,
Ubtil the say hos soul rises
Life is the gift that we make,
Love is a risk that we take
Death is just the final form
Of comformity,
If that's what becoming
You means
Then I'd rather be
The lone ranger
Somewhere in the sands of time
There was a brother dime
Like legends before him
Aspired to be like them
But legends burn so bright
And as they often do
Too quickly are put out
And brother dime was too
He could have cut his hair
He could have been your friend
But he had found it wise
To disregard the trend
It's hard to ride it out
It's hard to walk alone
But as I; m getting old finding
Hey would you like to know
A secrete, I've seen a spirit before
And it keeps on calling me to run
Can't fight it but when
The spirit is done, you're gone


  • Interpret Mark Salling Vlastním jménem Mark Wayne Salling. Známý svou rolí z muzikálového seriálu Glee.


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