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Marky Mark
No mercy
Up in the ring there’s no peace

it’s all about servival

ans who is the best

in this physical contest

which man can withstand

the pounds

of getting hit with fist

for twelve long rounds – Uh!

Too the body – blass to the face

leather in your mouth

that leaves an after taste

of fist of fury and determination

no hesitation hell bash ya face in

on the lavas Square upon ya back

you can’t withstand this type

of attack

he started out at the

tender age of twelve

had to put on the gloves

to protect himself

that’s why he’s Tiger Dariush –

he don’t play !

Get up in you shit and beat you

down with the delay

until you knocked out

stripped of your clout

the soul surviver will be the tiger !


No mercy

no mercy

no mercy

he’ll knock you out

A yo! He’s made of stone

he got fist if stell you better

understand this man’s for real

up in this square right here

you’re ‘boout to face your fear

cause in reality you’ll be

a easuatly - Uh !

Take you out on a stretcher

step inside the ring with the tiger

and yo ! He’s gonna get ya

send ya ass to an early retirement

beat ya in the body and ya head

He’ll be flying it with

fist of fire – eye of the tiger

ain’t no doubt he’s taking

competition out

Wild child! Rough up bringing!

School of hardkncks he had to box!

No graving in Poland

he changed his life

when we game to Germany

an’ started to fight

that’s why there’s no why

ain’t no competition tougher

he beat Henry Bobber

he’s gonna make you suffer!


No mercy

no mercy

no mercy

he’ll knock you out
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