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Fuck You

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Fuck Young Money, Cash Money, all the shit you claim
you can say you whatever but faggots you still remain
Claiming to be a G, Hell yeah! your G stands for gay
better drop the bandanas, you ain't gangster in anyway
Like father like son, Niggaz, stunting like a faggy
Who can you fool? you are his lover not his daddy
Yeah! Birdman the bitch, licking Wayne like a lolipop
Fuck y'all, Niggaz, y'all are a big disgrace to hiphop
Who compared Lil Wayne with 2Pac? it's a shame, a mistake
That legend, 2Pac, got game. The gay-ass Wayne, is fake
Goddamn! Hiphop is disgraced. who gave the fags the mic?
Fuck y'all Young Money, from Lil wayne, to Nicki the dike
Cash money sodomites claiming to be gangsters and pimps
when the real Gs bring on the heat, y'all are just wimps
Well, it's so on now. I suppose you will again turn tail
Nothing personal, I'm trying to grant hiphop it's bail
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