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Unique Is My Dove

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On the way into this world, our soul was born in two
Searching for you, I been searching for you
Where ya been, where ya running to
Where ya got to go, what ya got to do
Don't care where were going, just wanna be with you
Put your head on my shoulder, tell me what you been through
When I lose my focus, you remind me of the truth
Lift us up to the heavens, for a birds eye view

One woman for me
Other half of my soul, you're my queen
One woman for me
Other half of my soul, roots of my tree

We could forget about Galus for a while, our troubles for a while
Sometimes I look at you and just smile, sit in the park and just laugh all day
Sometimes I just lose it with the things that you say, waiting by the subway
But we missed the train, well take the next one if you can pull me away
Keep me cool down to earth, and no anxiety
Stay modest with the humble heart always


We don't need no umbrella when we're walking in the rain
Sunlight or clouds, it’s all the same
Don't need no umbrella, when we're walking in the rain

So smart and sharp, oh so lovely
And a beauty shine bright, yes you're there for me
Keep the ways of our fathers, how it use to be
Moving forward, don't mean erase our history
Look to your ways, and see a girl who wants to do the right thing
Dedicated to a life, bigger than you or me
Build a temple in our hearts, for his majesty
Stay simple, serve god, and keep our deeds clean

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