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First day of spring she puts on a brand new dress.
The way she looks in yellow, she takes away my breath.
But with flowers at her door, he'll sweep her off her feet
Until the rains return, and she returns to me.

Summer rolls around and she swears that she's in love.
They seem to be so happy, God, I hope that it's enough.
Now the days are getting longer but she's always wanting more.
Till the nights start to get colder, just like the years before.
When the winter comes, I'll be here.
When all is said and done, I'll be here for you.
Autumn is upon us now, the colors start to fade.
Everything she thought she had it starts to slip away.
She starts to second guess this as the leaves fall to the ground.
With nothing left to hide behind, no one's perfect now.

Winter sneaks up on her and she finds herself alone.
I can see her from my window, she's like an angel in the snow.
If only I could tell her, or just make her understand
I'll always be here for her to warm her freezing hands.
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