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I'mma be a Firework
(Cyeah) A Firework
MattyB's a Firework

Verse 1
Call me TNT (what)
I'mma bottle rocket (chyeah)
Wazzup MTV? (hey)
We've got the whole world watching
They be looking at me
Saying "MattyB's poppin'"
I'm about to go BOOM
from all these mics I'm rockin'
I'm just trying to find the right lines to shine
cause I'm exploding from these rhymes of mine
I'm like a firework cross these skies i'm flyin'
It's like GA to LA - I'm time to time
Cause when the beat plays I'll be there to light the lime
You've gotta replay what I say to check my rhyme
and when my first hit drops at the tip top spot
don't say I didn't warn ya

Pre Chorus
I'm 'bout to ignite my light and let it shine
I'll own this night like the fourth of July

Cause I'mma be a firework
I'mma show 'em what I'm worth
I'll make 'em go oh oh oh
as I shoot across the sky-y-y (x2)

Verse 2
All I wanna be is the very best me that I can be so the whole world will see
that when you do believe its true you can achieve
so if you have a dream - make it reality
I'll come I'll see I'll conquer
I'll drive your ear drums bonkers
Your hands will reach for stars 'cause
my music will be awesome
This journey will be ours 'cause
together we'll accomplish
what others call a lost cause
B Boys and Girls are all stars
Never let another try to steal your hope
try to make you feel real low instead
I was with my girl Katy Perry last night
and this is something she said

Pre Chorus
You've gotta ignite you're light and let it shine
Just own the night like the Fourth of July

(she said) MattyB a firework
come on let your colors burst
make 'em go oh oh oh
as you shoot across the sky-y-y x2
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