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Somebody to love

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For you... I would do anything
I switched style like I threw on my skiny jeans
"MattyB" is what they scream on the scene
´Cause I´m hotter then a match meets gasoline
Ain´t no rapper got more class than me
I dress to impress but ain´t flashy
I´m rap I´m the best but I ain´t trashy
Er´body takes double takes when they pass me
I got haters but they all frotin´
MattyB is what you call a "stud muffin"
Can I get a...
Hands in the air when you jam...
What what
Put ´em up!
Ay to the sky´s my aim
They gonna have to put me in rap´s "hall of fame"
So go and press repeat
It´s a JB beat with a MattyB feat...
Come on!
I don´t need to much
just somebody to luv
somebody to love
Said I gotta keep it up
somebody to love
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