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Ya stereo

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It's time to put it down like 6 in the morning
I'm briding gap like a singer and rapper's balling
I can't wait to show them from ya calling
This is for ya' stereo

Everybody knows my name, bring it up, G.O
Cheondung (천둥) and Mir, let's go Jun (준) and Seungho (승호), take flow
All my ladies and fellas, you know
This is for ya' stereo

On the mission, let me, make you this feeling
With my potion, can control ya' ass thrilling

Yes we back, can't hold back, what you gon' do when we back
This is MBLAQ, MBLAQ, you know what the name is
Yes we back, can't hold back, this is the calling from hot track
Five as one, hottest ones, you know who the best is
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