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Birth of a Phish

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MC Lars: Yo YTCracker, I got hot this beat from Doc Pop. He sent it to me via YouSendIt, you know what I'm saying?
Convenient and fresh. Why don't you rip something?


wi-fi warrior from the waldorf astoria
raiding up the mini bar and pouring a
mixed drink, so i get down and think
and write a little rhyme for my people and (blink)
like a mage straight up from the brain to the page
filling up my crit gauge blocking haters from the cage
secure server beating them off like a pervert
a wordburglar (not from canada)
i ain't mad at ya just a little peeved
and I'll make like a tree and leave
best believe I'm in the scene and I will siege
just like a tank in/out, then flee
speaking of starcraft, I'm like raynor
but I've never been a vulture, just a savior
locke like Lost, teched up like protoss
and I'm carrying the game, they call me (the boss)
supervisor ain't none wiser
make it rain all the time, i ain't a miser
ain't no scrooge, I'm a generous dude
but i won't hesitate to eat you like food
Don't be rude, I'll eat you like grues
like frontalot, sought the treasure and spewed
fire out his mandibles, nerd rap cannibals
(lars and i we hungry like hannibal)
all got the smarts to make it go dark
eclipse everyone with our bite and our bark
planets align when we spitting our rhymes
and it's evident we did it more that just a few times
graduate nerd life (grammy candidates)
anybody step to us and (we ain't having it)
gigantic robots dg ep
no one hit wonders (lars and yt)

doc pop on the beat

Lars: DJ Abilities called. He wants his MC back
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