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Paul Is Dead

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The government is lying!
Don't believe everything you hear!
In fact, there's a logical explanation for everything
Let's trace it back to the genesis
Conspiracy theories (conspiracy theories)
It's MC Lars and the Rondo Brothers… tearing it up!!

Verse 1:
I'm dropping knowledge on conspiracy theories
Do you hear me?
It's evident the government is lying monthly, yearly
Because JFK's death was the direct result
Of the Chupacabra submerging a ginormous boat
The Titantic, don't panic, it was sunk by this beast
Then the Loch Ness Monster had a yummy icy feast
OJ Simpson? Innocent, it was Big Foot on crack
Who had a jealous rage and snapped Ron Goldman's back
In fact the facts explain everything you might deny
Big Foot crashed in Roswell, let me tell you why
He was chilling with some aliens who couldn't really fly
So they landed in New Mexico that's why reports imply
The Manson Family and Timothy McVey
Were evil demon robots built by the CIA
That the mafia enlisted for an insidious plot
I read it on the Internet… the facts say a lot!

aliens and magic bullets masonic rites are the coolest
illuminati got me abducted my body john gotti
doesnt even know if jimmy hoffa died clearly
just another mystical conspiracy theory

Verse 2:
"Paul is dead," that's what the record said
So I played it backwards every time I went to bed
When I woke up Judas Priest were dancing naked on my dresser
More annoying than an hour of Fran Dresher
The Jersey Devil and the Jackalope
The Yetti and the Unicorn couldn't really cope
So they froze Walt Disney with the Free Masons' Union
While Anton La Vey had a Satanic communion
With Pope John Paul and Pee Wee Herman
While General Sherman helped the Germans
Invade Poland with Dividians enlisted
I determined these facts though they were once restricted
I guess you're wondering how I figured out
What all these conspiracies are really all about?
On TV Ice T once denigrated cops
Now he plays a cop on TV… when will it stop??
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