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Throne In The Sky

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At the old Rhine ages ago,
Up the rock above the hill
Loreley sat and sang with grace
So thousands of ships where killed

Can't you see her golden eyes
This magic spell takes you to hell
And drops you out of sight

Sailors tried to find
(the) throne in the sky
Hear their doomed souls cry
(to the) throne in the sky
Don't take the choice
So her graceful voice
Will ever be your guide, no

Seven virgins enticed the lost
Her desire, their command
So the seas they needed to cross
They would never see again

can't you see her golden eyes
this magic spell takes you to hell
and drops you out of sight

the sailors tried to find
the throne in the sky
hear their doomed souls cry
throne in the sky


A huge rock in Mid Germany (132 meters above sea)
overlooks the old Rhine. It is said, that from the top
of this rock a ghost-like image of Loreley sang
sailors to their doom as they heard her
fascinating, sad voice when they passed
the bend of the river, crashing their ships
onto the rocks and sank to ground.

The tale speaks that she once was a mortal girl,
but she threw herself from the top of the rock
into the Rhine because her lover proved her unfaithful.
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