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Life is a highway
oh but nobody knows who is driving

life is a movie
that has made me cry a thousand times

life is like money
because everybody loves spending

and life is a question
that everyone's afraid to ask

wild life is so wild
but i've found love for U baby
wild life is so wild
I'm an expert so please believe in me
wild life is so wild
but I've got love for U baby
wild life is so wild
I'am an expert, the best U could meet

life is a sunshine
when U close your eyes the colour's fading

life is a number
it's a fraction that you cannot count

life is a parcel
oh and U should know what you're awaiting

life is whatever
so just move your ass and keep a smile

I'm breaking the silence
cause now I wanna tell you something
I'm breaking the silence
sometimes I really have to shout

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