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"We Ballin'"

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Now when I step out on the block, I'm like a new set of J's
My sticky green European, with DVD on play
My bumper kit recline, when I press rewind
Blue face with baguettes, on my Rolex shine
I got a Navigator with alligator skin, and 4 or 5 TV's in it
20 inches spinning, my Cadillac black on black with four 18's in the back
I put a glacier on my chest, and almost had a heart attack
I got my mind right, 24 hours going dollar for dollar
Candy red, on fo's and choppers
Black flipper yack sipper, mo-mo wood grain gripper
And a platinum Italian Bentley, on 20 inch clippers
When the mic on Mike Jones, the crowd get outrageous
When they see my slab, they all scream contagious
I crawl like a kitten, with my windows tinted
Watching TV's in it, so you won't see me in it
Got a piece so shiny, you see yourself in it
Cause I'm a bread winner, 3-65 head spinner
Mike Jones be my name, but you can call me Sachie
I pull up in a slab, that'll knock out Rocky
I'm a baller baby, shot caller baby
In the Lex having sex, 20's crawling baby
I pull a white Jag, with a raw blue rag
It's been two three weeks, and I ain't used my thumb rag
But my grill (still shining), fifth wheel (still reclining)
And when the freaks see the platinum teeth speak, they be whining
My fo's are magnificent, ask Magnificent
My piece my chain and pinky ring, be all glistening
I'm Mike Jones, through the Woodnorth mayn
I can pimp the pen, or freestyle from the brain
Spit game from the head, and make a bitch give me head
If I ain't getting that bitch head, I'm getting that bitch bread
Dollas, hopping out the marble blue Impala
You ain't stepping in my slab, if you don't go low and swalla
I'm swerving in a Excursion, with three fo' pound birds
Now let's freestyle, I show my platinum smile
Mike Jones going long, head shots up in the chrome
I stepped outside, my girl got a Gucci thong
On her body call me Sacci, my do stay cocky
You might see me with Magnificent, or Kiotti
I steady be going, Mike Jones steady flowing
And wherever you see me, I gotta throw some mo' in
Showing off, it's the Mike Jones ain't got a job
But I still got the bitch, to go low and head bob
Teeth falling for an hour, I hopped out the shower
You in see Miogi on, with the baby powder
Where is the Chris Braser, hopped in my Blazer
Got cash up, so I bought a skyscraper
Steady freestyling, steady going long and strong
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