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"Dirt Off Your Shoulders"

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[Mike Jones - Talking]
What's my muthafuckin' name
Mike Jones, who? - Mike Jones, who?
Mike Jones, best rapper alive
SwishaHouse, SwishaBlast

On my woodgrain I'm grippin', purple jelly I'm sippin
84 straight out the box didn't have time for the dippin'
New pirelli's I'm flippin', workin' hard in the kitchen
Movin', 8 one on butter just to make me a livin'
I got, no time for chillin', I'm tryna make me a million
So I'ma grind and put it down til' I live out my vision
I represent SwishaHouse, I represent SwishaBlast
Since I signed a contract I been stackin' my cash
I put a female last cuz they wouldn't there when I was, broke
So now I'm rich them hoes get no love
I pull up to the club, valet' my shit on dubs
I'ma P-I-M-P, bitch I ain't no scrub
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