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Scandalous Hoes II

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[Intro/Chorus: T-Pain]
I still don't love 'em, I still don't trust 'em
I get paranoid every time I fuck 'em
Known to break rubbers
And this is why, I, can't, stand these scandalous hoes
They see me gettin riches, so they try to stick with me
But I ain't stupid, I know that they're plottin for position
That's why I dismiss 'em
Because I, can't, stand these scandalous hoes

[Mike Jones (T-Pain)]
Now that I got me a plaque, these hoes all on my back
They see me livin the dream, they see me stackin my stacks
That's why I hold my strap, because
(I, can't, stand these scandalous hoes)
They see the 11-12 cars all black
American Express not green, all black
They'll try to set you up if you let 'em set the trap
But I ain't fin' to fall for that
{Why would I} let a motherfucker take me for weak?
I never roll alone, roll the streets with the heat
When you worth that much can't lose it for nothin cheap
And when you worth that much can't lose it for nothin cheap
Damn, they cutthroat to the teeth
These hoes so scandalous I can't even sleep
I never open up so they can get close to me because
(I, can't, stand these scandalous hoes)


[Mike Jones (T-Pain)]
Befo' the paper came it was never 'bout the money
But now the paper here, e'rybody actin funny
They want all your time and STILL spend all your money?
Still spend all your money? Money?
You see a nigga out here tryin to make it out the game
Make it out the hood, and do somethin good
But you don't understand until you see the money good
I swear, I swear, I swear...
Got a nigga on parole so you stick to that type
First minute y'all fight you put them laws in his life
Why you put them in his girl you know you ain't right
(Yeah girl you know you ain't right!)
You feel the time is right now to have you a child
Cause y'all been together for a long long while
Everythang good now but when the shit turn foul
Somebody fin' to go buckwild
Now she got your ass up in court, facin child support
for a kid he found out wasn't his
But when he, 8 years old and you, glued to his soul
Your heart sayin you can't leave that kid
The scandalous bitch, the scandalous hoe
8 years ago, knew the kid wasn't his from the go
But she let the nigga spend all his money and his time
Somewhere you gotta cross that line (Mike Jones)
Some shit is just so so wrong
Some shit I know now I can't put in the song
Some shit'll get you hurt if it go on too long
Cause once the nigga gets pissed, the gun goes click
[click clack] By this time his attitude is FUCK DIS!
You can't tell him shit, his head now harder than a brick
You should've told a bitch before it came down to this
Now the hoe gettin carried by 6, that's why


Whoahhhh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
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