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Bored With Sorcery

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Back in the day when I was paying for sleep I couldn't get much ground
I was eating black planets whole but I couldn't hear that sound
Because of what I did and who I am, because i love it, God damn true
I put my head in the atomic pile and I did it all for you

Baby, babe I think I lost my mind now
I've been cryogenic for a long, long time

Bored for a thousand years, you gotta get me out of here
I don't want to rape the world today
Use all your filthy words, the greatest sound I've ever heard
They keep my heart and soul so blown away

Do your space rock voodoo-burn, give me your naked show
When they pulled me out of my plane crash I told them I was ready to go
I'm a pumped out freak on a big wheel (I'm the only man in a bubble) and I'm crossing a frontier of lies
For you baby, for you baby
Let me crawl inside your mind
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