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One Love Karma

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Now can your compliments I'm heading out this weekend
No tummy aches or psychosomatic trends
What can I say my timing was off
I got lost in the thick of it the defense was soft

Bizarre balance among your strange talents
Blinded fatigue and let alone intrigue
Shattered the mystique called out defeats
The best emcees they really act most human

Now that's assuming that you already knew it though
Back at your bungalow don't be so humble yo
Come on lady you know I need a mending up
Demented pent up blue collar tough

Fell for a seamstress sentences seamless
Dangling off the needle just begging for a kiss
Now that's pathetic a grown man out to get it
No need to get it twisted hon don't sweat it

It's not R&B back to R&D
No time for tinkering no patience for bickering
I'm out the door the solid oak metaphor
Slammed silent the notion a tad violent

Jumblig wordplay watching the tears decay
Now lets dead it keep it copasetic
My session is done my jimmy weighs a ton
A ride together making this grown man sprung

On Thursday gotta little airplay
Rare a plus debut on a weekday
A gold star good job on your report card
You need that love ones giving feedback

For Pete-sake let me digress
You know I'm always rambling in times of distress
I'm stressed out melatonin melodrama
No further questions the defense rests your honor

Best to the fam especially your mama
Be you and be you come on one love comma
Come one love comma
Come one love comma
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