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Rebellious Youth

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Rebel with a cause, frustration’s fair game
To bite the hand that feeds
Staggered by the chains of youth around you
Those chains they make you bleed
Burning your bridges, taking chances
Living in a dream
The hands of the clock move slowly
Toward individuality

Don’t try to run my life
Just let me be myself
Making my own mistakes
Of the rebellious youth

Eternally try to rise above it all
The torment that you found
Authority puts up a smoke screen of lies
Don’t let the bastards drag you down
Fist in the air for what you think is right
Insurmountable ignorance, don’t try to fight it
Seal your blood in your youth and remain
Forever young, forever insane

So many been before
You’re not gonna change the world
Forever we seek the truth
Of the rebellious youth

Lies... Anger... Torment... Humiliation
Lies... Anger... Torment... Adolescent alienation

Live your life for yourself
Your life, life, life, life, life, life

Don’t lie down and take it all
The clone is always to conform
Forever we seek the truth
Of the rebellious youth
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