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Terminal Reward

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Laughing at the numbness, a hundred years of pain
Doubting my existence, memories remain
Praying for the hour, I will finally die
Terminate the power, send me to the sky

Blood's evaporating, my heart is pumping air
My mind is left debating, torment or despair
Explain me this confusion, what's it really worth?
Take the last transfusion, return me to my birth

Standing at the point where there's to return
There ain't no turning back
Send me down here where the fire's burn
Running with the pack
Devilish forces by my side, my future's looking grim
Angels calling, death defied, sing the battle hymn

I ended my life just to ease the pain
But now it's hurting more
Travelled through life on the astral plane
But someone has closed the door
Facing judgement's final call
Nowhere left to go
Left to ponder Satan's fall
The seeds are here to grow
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