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I'm waitin' for the someone, just beyond the pale, where everybody's little
Thing is up for sale
An information bonfire, I'm twistin' while I wait and now I'm temptin' fate
24-7-365, Japandemonium is still alive
Praying like a sinner, croked with the blues,
Lost all there is to lose

Can't hear, can't see, can't touch too much temptation
Too high to breathe, to believe in my own liberation - I'm fightin' suffocation

Traffic of the mind.
Fast forward and rewind, sometimes your clothes don't seem to fit
Frown becomes a smile, a man becomes a child
The fan is gonna hit the shit
Heaven on earth will cost you what it's worth, you'll find it anywhere you dare
Spin the tale donkey, I wonder how you sleep
Jump up your fight for the air


I'm hangin' too much rope in shadows and the smoke
Turns blue up in the sky
Packin' all my stuff, way too much is not enough, who's got the
Most and then you die
Can't hear, can't see, can't feel my frustration
Too high to breath, to believe in transformation
Can't come, can't go too slow, suffocation
Too high to breathe, to believe in my own liberation, there's too much population
Stop the world, I'm jumpin' off, I'm fightin' suffocation
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