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Shake it down

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Won’t you get up on your feet,
hear that music sounding sweet,
You’ll kinda like it (kinda like it).
Move your body round the floor,
can’t you give it any more?
Now don’t you fight it (don’t you fight it).

Shake it down.
Shake it down.

Foxy lady over there,
bet she knows when and where,
She can make it (she can make it).
When she gets close to me,
there’s no place I’d rather be,
No, I can’t take it (I can’t take it)

Shake it down.
Shake it down.
Shake it.
Shake it.

Everybody’s on the move,
tell me what you’ve gotta loose,
Think about it (think about it).
Let the music turn you on
’cause the night will soon be gone,
Get down and shout it (down and shout it).

Shake it down.
Shake it down
Repeat to fade
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