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I Cannot Be Loved

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Lover put a knife in my hand
Lay down right there, that's my command
Do as i say in this blood play
Claw at my skin, I'll let you win
Caress your flesh. Burns like fire
Rosey, sweet breath, and your desire

Your skin is all I want to take from you
Your mind is naught unto me, I'll leave behind

Bound together
The darkest embrace
Bound forever
We will be chaste

I paw at you golden flesh
Golden breast
I sail on your, on your sea
Of ecstasy.

God, I want you. Just be mine
Because you haunt me all the time

Your pain, it talks to me
Your pain, it really talks to me

Your pain, it talks to me and I heed it well
My hands, your neck, they greet each well in a loving hell
This hold we have can't last because it's killing me
Farewell my love. Please walk away and take away my pain.
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