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Erik, May You Rape The Angels

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Brothers fall, day by day.
DEAD was first "and all others followed".
But now, another warrior has gone
Into the reaven realm of darkness.
Erik, did you found what you lost:
Your own god?
Erik, did you make your own realm
And your peace?
Erik, was it time, was it time ach' to die?
I could hear the demons cry
Upon the place where this demons fly...
And when I hallucinate the older days I hear
And when I hallicunate the older times I see
And when I will go on, I will keep you in my
You will be forever in and forever around my
Erik, May you rape the angels!
Erik, may you be your own tragedy!
May I die to get up so high
To be with you where the demons fly.
To walk the shadows,
To walk the night,
To run the hills with a Slipnier ride.
I have never seen the lonely stars shine so bright,
Since you has died.
And if you hear my cry run spheres,
You know you will be in my heart.
Remember Grimm
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