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Where Did Everyone Go

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It wasn't my intention to eavesdrop,
But there a guy sat, two stools away,
And you could tell the bartender knew him
And that he'd been there some other day.
And while I sipped my libation,
I overheard his conversation...

How I'd walk in,
What excitement there would be?
Never less than twenty people,
I had lots of friends, you see.

"I gave the party, I was the host.
Everyone loved me,
I was the most.

"Champagne and plenty of it,
Real imported caviar,
And the hat check girl got fifty
Just for lighting my cigar.

"I kept 'em laughin', jokes by the yard.
Everyone loved me,
I was a card.

"And I had a girl,
A beautiful girl,
Her whole world, I think, consisted of mink
And diamonds and pearls.

"Because she was mine,
I'd glitter and shine,
And life was a ball, and wasn't it all
So cozy 'n fine?

"But nothing lasts forever,
And the deepest well runs dry.
Just 'cause I've stopped rolling sevens
Doesn't mean I have to cry.

"I'll take that nightcap,
One more won't show.
And incidentally...maybe you know...
Where, oh, where, oh, where
Did everyone go?"

"Where, oh, where, oh, where
Did everyone go?"
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