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No One Else Comes Close

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At first you were to me the type and kind
That was way way outta sight
I'll reach, no way, I'll find you by my side
But in time I knew I couldn't hide
What I felt inside i'd regret all my life
If I didn't tell you that I'm feelin you too
Disguise over lie not filled when I saw your eyes
Went home like was why am I acting up
Try to forget like it'll be alright
Since then I been thinking 'bout you night
my soul felt cold in the twilight
felt pain, when i tried to make you smile right
Clueless but our souls intertwined
Then times were we talked you felt heartbreak
You went through shit I went through hate
Bad things must happen for a good reason
a broken heart is, desolated
All I wanted was for you to be my baby
All I wanted was for you to see me
The same way I saw you
My mind was racing
Through all this phasing
My life's still raining
You came as an angel to save me from every
Strain and depression I face cuz you love me
The whole time you felt me the way I felt you
I never knew that this dream would ever come true

*no one else comes close to you
no one makes me feel the way you do
you're so special girl to me
and u'll always be eternally
everytime i hold u near
u always say the words i love to hear
girl with just a touch u can do so much
no one else comes close
So now I don't care what they say about us
Cuz I know I'm in love
You're the one god sent from up above
Many people said us two wont make it but
They never felt what I felt when I'm with you
Girl you brighten my world
i know at times I've hurt you
But I wanna say I'm sorry
got through things others i know wouldn't have
How can I ever let you go you're my other half
Even in the bad times you would try to make me laugh
Even hard times you'd be there when I'm feeling sad
we both shared many smiles and tears
But every time we kiss seems like everybody disappears
The type of girl that ain't ashamed to show me to her peers
So in love, losing you is my biggest fear
You're the only one I need to get by
No lie, i feel like the luckiest guy alive
You know wassup when it's only you and me
Anywhere, on a bus stop, near a tree
At a beach, even at the street
Or at a park, at the library
We apparently study right
Don't need to question if this is love or lust
Even though we disappear it would seem sus
Started off innocent as a small crush
Now I'm the one who makes you smile and blush
Girl you showed me the meaning of true love
So right or wrong, I'll stick up for you no fuss
Please just believe you're the one that I need
Everytime you're with me can't explain how I feel
I'll be real, no one comes close to you
I never felt this ever since we became me and you
I love you

My Girlfriend, my best friend
The one who always cares
I want you to know that I care for you
And I'll always be there


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