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Fresh Boyz

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[Intro: Oldwun]
Ya'll know what it is, it's that Freshboy Remix!
Junz, Sabre, A to the w a, Dmon, DJ Notiq, Tha Kid Oldwun,
And MC Scribe

[Verse 1: Scribe]
Who got that hotness?!
Scribble man rock this,
Prolific when I kick it Nesian Mystik yo I got this
I wrap better than Kostas, on time like clock is
Even shave my hair like britney spears cause I'm so toxic and
All eyes on me in the middle of a ring just like a circus
I spit verses perfect like whoop! there it is
Freshboyz got this locked like a depository box
The anthems about to drop, who else can spit it this hot huh?!

[Chorus: Oldwun]
Who got that hotness?
Who got that hotness?
You? You tryna test me?
Who came to rock this?
Who came to rock this?
You? Well let me see!

[Verse 2: Oldwun]
Don't really matter what you do when you do your dance just keep it movin
Don't matter if ya hands in the air or ya down on the ground just keep it movin
Don't stop, get it, get it, if the beat breaks then catch up with it
If you caught up then lose control, ladies GO!

[Hook 1: Awa]
The music makes me move so naturally, I can't help myself [x2]

[Hook 2: Junz & Sabre]
Kinda like the funky chicken but move side to side
First hands to the left and bring em back to the right
Kriss kross twice like your playing hopscotch
Then slide it right back and do the rock from the top

[Verse 3: Oldwun]
Wanna see everybody in the place get loose, whoop
Pretty simple to do don't get confused, there it is
If you think you got it, then let me know, cause we ain't stopping till the ladies go

[Hook 1]

[Bridge: Awa]
Fresh boyz, Fresh girlz, they know that we got it going on yeah
Fresh boyz, Fresh girlz, can't stop cause we got it going on yeah

[Hook 1]

[Hook 2: x2]


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