Texty písní Nile Those Whom The Gods Detest Kem Khefa Kheshef

Kem Khefa Kheshef

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Get back crawl away get away from me, thou snake
Be drowned in the lake of the abyss
At the place where thy father hath commanded
That thine slaying shall be carried out

Be far removed from the abode of Re
Where in you trembled
For I am Re at whom men tremble

Get back thou rebel
At the knives of his light
They words have fallen because of Re
They face is turned back by the gods
Thy head is cut off thy heart is cut out
Thou art put in chains

Crawl away Rerek snake enemy of Re Thou who escaped massacre
In the east of the sky at the sound of the roaring storm

Thou shalt not become erect Apep
Thou shall not copulate Apep
Opposition is made against thee
Ye whom Re hates when he looks upon thee

O Cobra
I am the flame which shines on the brows of the chaos gods
I am the flame son of flame

Get back thou who shalt be decapitated
They face shall be away, thy head shall be removed
Thy bones shall be broken thy tail shall be cut off
The earth god hath condemned thee

Let no evil opposition come forth from thy mouth against me
For I am Set who can raise a tumult of storm
In the horizon of the sky
Like on whose will is destruction

So sayeth the terrible one
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