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Can´t Get Enough

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You got me in the danger zone
You're all I breathe, you're all I livin' on
Your body is my oxygen
I don't know where I end and you begin

When the mercury is rising
To a thousand plus degrees
All the planets are aligning
Into eternity

I can't get enough
Of the heat you generate
You're a red hot rush
Make the earth beneath me shake
Till we break on through to the other side
Where the waters part and the stars collide

I got to have another shock
Of soul to soulmate electricity

So hit me like a tidal wave
With everything you've got that gets to me

Cause my temperature is rising
And I just can't hold it in
All the passion that I'm feeling
When we dancin' skin on skin


I'll admit at first it's frightning
To lose all self-control
Bit I can't put out this fire
Raging in my soul

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