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Whats Done Is Done

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I can't believe
You kept your mouth shut for so long.
Yes, now you should talk to the world'

Tell them how you feel,
Tell them who you are,
Don't fear to face your real self, today!

I guess it is so hard
To stand before them.
Holding your clenched fist,
Closing your mine.
I know there's no other way but'

Stand still, be ready, but take it easy,
Everything will be fine
Stick to words that flow easily:
You're about to cross the pink line
And it's not a crime!

Hold on!
You can't hide this anymore.
Come on!
Open the closet door!

There are choices not to make,
Some rules not to break.
There are choices not to make,
Decisions not to take,
Let it go, let it go,
(Be)cause what's done is done.

We never thought that someone
Could inflict such pain on us.
We went through so many things
And now you come and tell us that
You always felt different from the others.
My child you must be kidding us!
What the hell have we done
To bear such a burden?

I can't believe
They kept their eyes closed for so long

Why am I feeling
So evil, so bad?
I cannot believe
How fast they went blind!
I've never chose
To be so different,
To go so far from
Their expectations.
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