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Trust yourself

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I need to tell the truth
I can't lie anymore
I need to do what's right
I know that's what my life is for
I can't be quiet anymore
About what I'm supposed to do
I need to tell the truth
And do what's right by you

I need to speak my mind
And let my heart run free
Your pain will heal with time
And one day you'll thank me
Ans as I follow my dream
And there is no room for you
Just know there was no scheme
It's just what I had to do

Trust yourself - you know all the answers
Trust yourself - you know what is right
Trust yourself - they're all there inside you
They've been there forever - just show them some light

Sometimes the truth brings pain
But broken dreams regrow
Not in the same old way
But change is life you know
And as I move on
To start my song anew
Please understand my need
To do what I have to do

Repeat Chorus

And as life goes on
Can we still be friends
Don't let this circumstance
Cause our friendship to end

Repeat Chorus

I need to tell you the truth
I need to speak my mind
Sometimes the truth brings pain
Your pain will heal in time
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