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Gangsta Girl

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I was five and he was six
We wrote down horses made of sticks
He wrote black and I was white,
He would always win the fight,
Bang, bang, shut me down,
Bang, bang, hit the ground,
Bang, bang, a lot of sound,
Bang, bang, my baby shut me down.

Yeah, ohh

All the girls are on me now
But I'm only looking for the one good girl that gangsta, gangsta girl
I love it when she bending over 'cause I can't help with a booty like that
Come on set on my lap
And I love girl name chocolate, she know how to rock it
Another girl name bunny when I bite her she bite back
Then she grap her hip [?] got me feeling like
I'm asking how you do that, 'cause she got, got my brain stuck like on auto pilot like

Shawty she's a gangsta, shawty she's a gangsta,
Shawty She's a gangsta, shawty she's a gangsta,
When she drop it low she let me know that she's the gangsta
Shawty you a gangsta shawty you a gangsta
Yeah yeah oh ohh
Shawty you a gangsta [x6]

Walk up in the club now
But all I see is that big ol booty falling down
Drop it like a low rider
When she come in quick with us [?]
With a body so thick
See I love that girl named diamond
She know how to clap it
With her partner peaches
They be gettin freaky
But this chick right here got me feeling like
Asking how she do that and she got my brain stuck like on auto pilot


Na na na na
Uhh, yeah girl, you're so official
Like a referee with a whistle
I'm a have to grab more ones
And have shawty go and drop it low on a dizzle
How many licks do it take
Do get to the center of the toostie roll drizzle
Ain't try to be rude but that right there look a lil bit swoll in the middle
Now This, right here, is your song, girl
So go ahead take off your thong girl
As she headed to the top of the pole
She bout drop it low in five, four, three, two

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