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Call The Law

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[Big Boi]
Zora and Rooster under peachtree
They K-I-SS-I-N-G
Wow first came he love
Now then comes the marriage
1-1-1 baby 2 baby 3 baby carriage baby

[Janelle Monae]
Welcome to my world oceans vs. mountains
(welcome to her world oceans versus mountains)
Call me the poor girl cause I love to fight them
(call her the poor girl cause she loves to fight them)
I'm quite sweet
If you take the time to get to know me
Deep down my heart riles around
Like a bone lost deep inside
See I'd like to fall in love but
Not that type of guy

Oohwee you got my clouds on fire
We're tight rope walking and the world's the wire
Remember kissin on Broadway you die
I was bein your baby and tickin your tock and yo clock
See we done jumped the broom and now you know I'm good
And I was dreamin bout children Emily and
Oh darling baby with the daddy's eyes
And it meant so much to me (it meant so much to me)
And I needed your good love
Baby how could you just go and
Change it all you turned my spring to fall
I needed you you know
But when the love is gone it's time to go

[Chrous - Janelle Monae]
If you don't think I mean it
Then you'll feel it when I'm gone
I said I'm done enough of your love
I said I'm done enough of your love
I'm up til 3 o'clock in the morning
While you party up til the dawning
I said I'm done enough of your love
I said I'm done enough of your love
Darlin' ain't no feelin left it's just the killin
Oh... just grab my gun and lets go out
Just grab my gun and let's go out
It ain't no room for love it's just this burnin
Got me reelin
Call the law and hold the applause
Call the law and hold the applause

[Big Boi]
Oh baby its mo baby its workin on the 6
We was only in our teens I dreamed for simplistic
Jumped the broom but it seems I tripped I must have slipped
After exchanging of the rings these things you give me lip
But not the kissing of the bride the dipping of the groom
The shit that make a nigga up and leave up out a room
More like "boohoo" then "boo" "fuck you" and "fuck you too"
(Fuckin bitch) Kids cover them ears
It appears that ya mama want drama we need a comma
Or some space between words for better or for worse
This is not what I deserve the worse that I can take
Actually I want the cake and eat it too and plus yo plate
But wait now.. Don't you get the house kids cars
Everything we built together was ours now it's all yours
Thats hard... It's all yours... Good God!

[Chorus - Janelle Monae]

[Janelle Monae & (Big Boi)]
You comin home (Zora)
But the birds are gone (Zora is that a pistol?)
With they sad songs (What you fin' to do wit that?)
They showin off (C'mon baby put the gun down)
But they might be wrong (Shittin me!)
I really wish you could change baby (well if my best ain't good enough
I don't know what to tell ya)
Reclaim your throne (I'm the king of this castle)
Down here in the darkness (c'mon baby hold up!)

[Chorus - Janelle Monae]
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