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Spaghetti Junction

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Yeah Yeah
Yes Spaghetti Junction
Yes yes
Elope ski slopes
(coughs) ahh
Check this out

[Andre 3000]
Niggas elope wit ski slopes and fall like avalanches
Tootin like it's cool being fooled and i can't just
Sit around and watch those snow membranes flame
My ends is loose and you can't stop that rain
When it starts to fall

[Big Boi]
Lookin like Ms. Pacman ???? and cat man
I'm speaking about these pros cause you know nothing bout that man
The nigga the B-I-G is high in flight like value jet
You thinking about the B team cause my end is never met

[Andre 3000]
Black man white man Jew man ain't no joke
Remember when me and my cousin used to sit up on the porch
And talk about when we get older now we up against the ropes
Yeah they kickin niggas door down cause it ain't no dope
On the streets

[Big Boi]
And a quarter of time to feed me
That's all a nigga like me need
Talking about that Southern sess now you all up in that mess
But never shall you test and never shall you quit
Running up on me with that fuck shit will get you nothing but hell

Be careful where you roam cause you might not make it home
*Whispers* junction junction
Don't you dare ever get lost cause you get caught up in that sauce
*Whispers* junction junction
To all ya playas play ya tims and ya hustlas wit ya rims
Macks and Pimps live on the outside of the corners that you've been
Y'all Yes yes yes Uh
*Whispers* Junction Junction

[Big Boi]
Well I'm dranking up on yak while I'm dippin off in that 'lac ('lac)
The junkies around my way are always smokin up on that crack (crack)
Lay them college park hoes flat on they back
Living the life of pimps steadily making this paper stack
Niggas don't understand the master plan coming to earn man
Till they start kickin the door in then we ready to blast
Them out (out) like planes (planes) that's bout to crash
So mayday Maytrain knock em up off they ass

[Andre 3000]
We struggle like fat hoes just to get things that ??
People got we forgot they always gonna keep a plot
Right up they sleeve you won't believe they decieve
Like weak theives can't break in your crib and leave and they built like two
So ???? and then i'm straight
And they drove ???? see my folks can't cover three I's
We wise to the fact so we attack wit what we know
Heaven is the only good life so what you strivin fo


[Big Boi]
Uh check this shit out though uh well
Well I flip flops and football socks
A nigga be rockin the mic like birthdays
Lil Jon and Sirsce so why you worth-ay
I'm callin yo ass a flaw pimp yappin about this crew you run wit
Bankhead bouncing to that dumb shit so what mo can you come wit

[Andre 3000]
Yeah they can bite but cannot be us
They can come and pick up little slang but cannot see us
You ought to be ashamed trying to fit in my adidas
So Run like DMC like you don't know you got no heater

[Big Boi]
Well we zippin around the corner in that golden stankin lincoln
Got my heat up under my seat in case the junkies tryin to take it
Pullin the pistol on another black man was never the plot
But sometimes a brother will shoot for wealth and try to take my spot

[Andre 3000]
Well they come like black stallions in the night
You see around four or five that's when they figure the time is right
That's when you good and sleep
I couldn't sleep until I seen em wit my own eyes
Till they come over the hill suprised

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