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My name is Calwi you know
It´s overhype with the biggest show
It´s war song and we´re tactical unit
Gimme some drink
Today I wanna vomit
Fuck I´m impatient
I don´t intend to wait
Long time we shape a style in our cave
I feel it in my feart and
I wanna stay high my friends
No advantages we´ve fought so hard man
I wanna see you high
Cuz I´m so high hey
I respect you all so respect me
Show me your hands
Ger up people help me
I love music hip hop and rap
But hip hop in Czech Republic is crap
You can listen to it of you can shout
If you have a clue what rap is about

I know you need us
You know we need you
All men get high
All ladies take your shirts off
I know you need us
Hey man so tell me what you´ve got
Jump into a mosh pit

Sometimes I think about another places
By the sea to chase bith...ehm ladies
But I´m still here in my town
Everybody wanna be top but they drowm
All gypsis wanna be gangstat
All white asses wanna be famous
Chaos in my street is so big
Thah I only smoke weed
And I´m giving hard ass-kicks

I´ve got my own life
I´ve got my own aim
Please God forgive me
I´ve got my own life
I´ve got my own way
Please God forgive me
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