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Every mag
Any body
Whatever means that are potential hope
Any Bolshevik or Nazis
Just whoever is utopist the dope
It´s hard to realize the world
Which is not based on the truck
No countin´no savin´
Everything what would be fucked
Any girls I´m dreamin´
Are the subjects of the real accession
Especially when you become
And teach her a lesson
Teach her a lesson and
Don´t worry to lie with her
There´s nothing left to use
At least just the body share
Any function I´m cryin´
It´s melancholy to believe
That´s not in the world
In which part of is me and you
GDP employment deflation
What the fuck
Pure human factor and everything real
Shut up, it´s sucked
I know nothin´ is perfect
No fear here´s the touch
But sometimes it seems
Like really too much

Look there - It´s a biz
Everywhere - It´s a biz
Wherever you look - It´s a biz
I´ve never comprehend it
Perhaps even you should man
My life - It´s a biz
You dummy - It´s a biz
That is what I could - It´s a biz
You and me have never been
really understood

I haven´t understood the system
In the whole world
You´re working hard but sometimes
You have no money even for food
Money cash golden´ chains drugs
And harem of girls
Wo can have it
It´s sad but the biggest nerds
Fuckin´ idiots own this animal world
It has no logic
Honestly is just word but I can de honest
I´ve got my own biz
I fuck goverment I fuck police
At least give me few years
And I´ll be more famous
than Chuck Norris

Long time ago I believed
The justice really exist
But now I know like a Disney
I´ll be glad to spin with you

You can become
All of you can become
Forget the hazy view
Real it´s fuckin´piece of you

Every day is the same shit
Hunt for money it´s a biz
Life is a race with a milion others
It´s a dirty game but I take it as it is
When it commes to cash
You don´t know who´s your brother

I will not stop I will run
As Forest Gump
My pace is deadly like Cobra
One and one
Little S. and Tom
Nonstop fightin´ for my piece of cud
I´m thinsted for power
As vampire for warm blood
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