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Never thought that you were conditioned.
Never thought that you could be sold.
Or controlled.
I'm the TV being on in the background.
The girl who used to like you in school.
I'm the one who's making you feel like.
You are nobody's fool.
But you live by my rules.
So if heaven is a place for thee.
Then it's all me!
I'm the kid who's laughing at your complexion.
I'm every Bob and Steve and Diane.
I'm promotion plan.
You are?
Oh yeah.
I'm the dirty cash in every election.
The winners writing your history.
Nudging you just ever so slightly.
I am spoof, spam and spin.
And you're letting me right in.
So if heaven is awaiting thee.
And sweet Jesus the Lord.
Will be holding thee.
Then I'm him!
And if you reject me.
And fight to remain free.
And try to keep your own.
You'll find a life of misery.
But if you embrace me.
And oppose the fighting few.
And make my needs your own.
You will be just fine.
'Cause I will be holding you.
I will be holding you...
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